Seven from Heaven

Seven from Heaven – The Installation – by HP Trauschke

The Tongva people inhabited the Los Angeles area before the arrival of the Spanish and other European people.

They believed in a god that brought peace to the world by setting it upon the shoulders of seven giants.

On first encountering it, it has the quality of a performance to which the viewer brings his or her own interpretation. It is big, monumental — strange and unusual. It is instantly uplifting and joyful because it is strange and surprising and a bit overwhelming, as great mountains first glimpsed by a traveller can be, and it is intriguing in its fanciful juxtaposition of a fairy tale figure that has somehow escaped from a mythical narrative into the real world.

A true piece of art always has an “artistic frame.” Each artistic action must be preceded by a preparatory activity and a sustaining moment. This creates the frame. Neither nature nor man is exempt from this law. Nature does not manifest its power abruptly. The eyes are drawn upward to the sky to a sustaining, invisible point in space above the visible summit.

HP Trauschke – living and working in L.A. & Berlin – is taking the Tongva creation myth as a basis for the questions how order can be obtained today and what this order would look like. In autumn of 2012 he will install seven 120 ft tall angelic beings, filled with helium, soaring above the 21st century metropolis of L.A.

The project is scheduled for 2012.

Below is an excerpt from a letter written by Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry…

“HP Trauschke´s Seven from Heaven will be a thrilling installation that will create an instant iconic image of the heart of downtown Los Angeles. It is certain to be seen around the world, focusing attention on our revitalized urban core and creating a symbol for what is truly one of the great capital cities for art and commerce in the 21st Century.

The figures symbolize hope, the deep commonality of our spiritual nature as human beings and the great strengths we derive from our cultural diversity. This is an important project that reaffirms our faith in our city and our humanity. It underscores Los Angeles’ commitment to creativity and the arts.”

LA City Councilwoman, Jan Perry

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