HP Trauschke, Artistic Associate

Born 1965 in Germany, Lives and works in Berlin, Los Angeles and Glengarriff
1983 – 1989 Educated in acting and directing at Studio Theatre, Munich. Training with: Gunnar Petersen (directing and acting), Beles Adam (acting), Martin Sperr (dramaturgy) Also working with Rainer Wiesernes as assistant stage designer at Academy of Arts, Munich
1990 – 1993 Founding and managing of the EX libris Theatre in Munich
1993 Re-locate to Dresden to the European Workshop for Art and Culture, Hellerau. Setting up EXit production
1997 Re-locate to Berlin
2004 Opening Studio in Los Angeles
First studys of „Seven from Heaven“ at Los Angeles Art Fest, 1st July 2005
2007 – 2009 Founding and managing of the Engelbrot Theatre in Berlin

Since 1983
About 4000 shows including „Betrayed – Yesterday on a sunny afternoon“ (Avantgarde Festival, Amsterdam)
31 stage sets including „The long night of Thomas Bernhard“ Thomas Bernhard Festival, Berlin
14 stage-directions including „I, Feuerbach“ from Tankred Dorst for the Presentation of the Büchner Prize at the Gasteig in Munich
32 Theatre productions including „Danton lives!“ after Georg Büchner at the Japanese Palais in Dresden 18 Art productions including „Basic Colours“ together with Paul Heimnach for Lille, European City of Culture and „Wænde” memorizing the wall 1989, Berlin
HP Vannoni, initiator of the Blue Box, has been a freelance theatre director since 1990. In 1997, his Dresden artwork, the Wall or Waende was declared as the most spectactular art project in the city by more than 180 articles in the media. His interpretation of the theatre production ” The long night of Thomas Bernhard “, was rated by the ORF television network as the climax of the Thomas Berhard festival.